Biography of Blessed Brother Angel of St. Joseph (Fort Rius), O.C.D.

Brother Angel of St. Joseph (Fort Rius) was born on October 20, 1896, in Espulga de Francolí near Tarragona.  His family history is scarce, but it seems that he was an only child; and his father abandoned the family shortly after he was born.  As a young boy, he was trained to be a baker.  Their proximity to Tarragona would have made them aware of the Carmelite monastery there.

By the time he was twenty-two years of age, he entered the Carmelite novitiate in Tarragona.  He was sent to Santa Cruz Church in Tucson, Arizona in 1916 and made his first religious vows some years later at the hands of Fr. Justino Aguileta on June 2, 1921 , and professed solemn vows in 1924.

It was said that he was somewhat inconsistent and restless with an impulsive temperament, yet he possessed a profound goodness and generosity.  He excelled in working with the youth with fervor and enthusiasm in Santa Cruz Church.  In addition to his regular duties, Bro. Angel found enough time to organize a youth group under the patronage of St. Joseph and later was able to build a hall where the group could meet and publish an in-house magazine called Juventud once a year.  He returned to Catalonia, Spain in 1934 and was assigned as porter to the monastery in Tarragona.  He continued to carry out his duties with the same joy and enthusiasm.   

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