Martyrdom of Fr. Vicente and Brother Angel

When the monastery in Tarragona was abandoned, Fr. Vicente found shelter at the home of Mr. Eloridieta, a Secular Order Carmelite.  It was probable  that his life would have been spared had the militia not been led to him by Bro. Angel who went to Mr. Eloridieta's house to warn them of an impeding house inspection.

Although Bro. Angel was relatively safe in hiding at a warehouse, he risked being seen every time he went outside, because many people in town knew him as the porter of the monastery.  

On July 25, his sense of duty combined with his restless personality drove him out from his refuge, despite the warnings of the danger outside.  Unknown to him, Bro. Angel was being followed by patrols and, upon arriving to the home of Mr. Eloridieta, both friars were apprehended and taken to the headquarters of the Workers' Party of Marxists Unity (POUM).  

While being transferred to a prison ship, they were shot under a railroad bridge near the port of Tarragona on July 31.  Their bodies were found three days later and taken to a common grave.  

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