Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beatification of Carmelite Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to take place in Tarragona, Spain October 13 2013

In the context of the Year of Faith, preparations for the beatification ceremony of more than 500 martyrs of 20th century Spain are under-way  The celebration will take place October 13 in Tarragona, the archdiocese in which many of these witnesses of the faith died, including their auxiliary bishop, Manuel Borràs Farré
Among the martyrs who will be beatified are bishops, priests, and laity, although the majority are religious.

Of these, eleven are Discalced Carmelites that died in Tarragona and Lleida between July and November 1936 in varying circumstances associated to the start of the Spanish War. One of them belonged to the province of Aragon and Valencia, and the rest were from the province of Catalonia and Baleares although two came from Navarre. The greater number belonged to communities in Tarragona and Lleida, where construction of the Shrine of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus was beginning. The newly beatified join 14 Discalced Carmelite martyrs from Catalonia who were beatified in Rome in 2007

Four Carmelite Brothers of Education, a now-defunct congregation founded in the 19th century by Blessed Francisco Palau, Catalonian Discalced Carmelite, also died in Tarragona. The few eyewitness testimonies that exist about their detainment, imprisonment, and death coincide on the valour and faithfulness of our brothers in the face of such dramatic circumstances. 

Without a doubt, the end of their lives was proof that they lived their Christian and Carmelite vocations deeply. 

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